The Heart of Your Business Success Lies in Its
Marketing and Distribution

GR Marketing Strategists is Canada’s first independently operated marketing and business development service dedicated to the small to medium size business specializing in the food & beverage, natural health and consumer household sector.

Though small to medium size business are integral to Canada’s economy (contribute 30% to Canada’s GDP), inadequate marketing and distribution are the central themes as to why many fall short of their business goals and is what keeps most business executives awake at night.


Two Great Branding Insights for Businesses

Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Richard Baker on Branding & Marketing richard!

Allow us to be your marketing champion and generate results with product distribution recommendations!

Established in 2011, GR Marketing Strategists, formerly known as Baker Branding, works with small to medium size businesses that are looking for increased distribution, increased sales performance and improved brand visibility. Our experience has shown many new start-ups or growing companies frequently lack the expertise to create strategic marketing plans and often underestimate the importance of a consistent brand strategy.  A strong brand identity drives sales and profits, generates desired results, and is an investment towards sustained growth. Without it, businesses marketing efforts significantly underperform.

Let us show you how we can help build a strong sustainable business in a competitive marketplace.